Prepare for Windows 10 and Windows-as-a-Service with Apptimized

The enterprise journey to Windows 10 may well be a smoother one than previous migrations, but it comes with it’s own set of unique challenges.

At Apptimized we have industry leading experience of helping enterprises with that journey. Click here for our latest case study: Apptimized_Case_Study.

Our unique customisable and scalable testing facility can help you establish the size and scale of the remediation and packaging effort you’re going to need to plan for.

And our alliance with testing specialist Testhouse provides an integrated testing and packaging service for those customers who require deeper testing capability.

Simply send us your packaging and build standards and we’ll configure a test environment in our secure cloud-based environment for you same day. You can then start uploading and testing application media and packages against a real Windows 10 build giving you absolute piece of mind that an application will function as you need it to.

Apptimized will automatically document the installation process so you have a physical record of what was tested and what the outcome was.

For those applications that you will need to remediate or repackage, Apptimized can create those packages rapidly, cost-effectively and to the highest industry standards.

At Apptimized we understand the challenges of testing and remediating large application estates. Our unique cloud-based approach is saving customers significant amounts of money while removing risk and keeping projects on track.

Apptimized is flexible, able to support your Windows 10 programme either as a pay-as-you-go application packaging factory, or as a licensed per-user self service tool. Or as a combination of the two.

However you choose to use Apptimized, you will not need to buy any hardware or software.

And once you’ve completed your move to Windows 10, you’ll need to support Windows-as-a-Service (or Semi Annual Channel update process).

Our close relationship with Microsoft means that we can test your critical applications on an ongoing basis against the latest pre-release updates giving you maximum time to understand and resolve any problems well before your Operating System version falls out of support.

Contact us here to find out how.

    • Test and remediate for Windows 10 … in the cloud
    • Manage Microsoft Semi Annual Channel updates
    • Same day set up
    • Fixed price, pay-as-you-go, zero risk
    • Free proofs of concepts and pilots available