Coming Soon…for ISV’s and software developers – automated Windows Update software testing

Software developers and ISV’s have enough on their plate making their software totally awesome without having to worry about the added complexity of constantly testing against the new Microsoft Windows Update (Windows-as-a-Service) releases.
With major releases now coming out twice a year, and minor fixes and bug fixes being released monthly, as well as the myriad of hot fixes, it’s critical that software vendors test their software quickly and accurately against all Windows updates well in advance of end users having to update their Windows environment.
Leveraging our close relationship with Microsoft, we are developing Apptimized Test to take away the pain from regression testing against the now constantly evolving Windows platform.
Using our unique cloud-based solution, hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform to provide scalability and security, Apptimized will test all your products against every Insider Release of every Microsoft Windows change well before that change is in production.
How does it work? Simply load your software into your personalized Apptimized cloud portal and carry out a standard install against the latest Windows release.
Our unique Apptimized Echo technology will record your installation and then every time Microsoft updates Windows we’ll replay your installation automatically against the new update. We’ll notify you by email if your software installs as you want and if it doesn’t, we’ll give you all you need to remediate your software before retesting.
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With Apptimized Test, you get:
  • Early warning of where your software is incompatible with a Microsoft Windows release or update, giving you time to fix well in advance of when your customers will be affected
  • The ability to focus on making your software even more awesome and leave the pain of regression testing to us