How to Purchase Apptimized

The Apptimized cloud-based application packaging solutions are available worldwide. The Apptimized distributor network is comprised of distributors, valued-added resellers and system integrators, who provide innovative solutions to customers across all industries.

To find out the best way to purchase Apptimized services and solutions in your region, contact or click on the map at the bottom of this page. If you are a Microsoft customer and want to subscribe to the Apptimized Tool, the Apptimized Monitor Service or the Apptimized Catalogue, click on the following links:

Apptimized Tool

Everything needed to discover, create, test and manage application packages. In the cloud. The Apptimized Packaging Tool is the scalable, low-cost alternative to the traditional thick client toolsets.

Apptimized Monitor

Monitoring your applications…so you don’t have to Apptimized Monitor continually analyses multiple sources of industry data so we can let you know instantly when any one of 250 applications in your portfolio has been updated by its vendor.

Apptimized Catalogue

Instant access to the very latest versions of the world’s most commonly requested applications – pre-packaged to Apptimized’s high quality standards.

Not a Microsoft customer?

If you are not a Microsoft customer, click on your location below, contact us via the contact form or email us directly at

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