Automated notifications when an application is updated

Apptimized Monitor continually monitors multiple sources of industry data to let you know instantly when an application in your portfolio has been updated by its vendor.
For a low monthly subscription fee, we watch hundreds of individual products to help you keep your IT estate current, secure and compliant.
Simply select which products you need monitored, and we’ll email you the moment the vendor releases an update. If you’d like the update packaged, simply raise a request via the Apptimized Packaging Service* and we’ll let you know when it’s done.
Click here to download the latest list of monitored applications.
*Apptimized Packaging Service is an additional service not included in the Apptimized Monitor subscription.
With an Apptimized Monitor subscription you get:
  • Peace of mind that critical applications won’t be updated without you knowing about it
  • An integrated packaging capability so that any product can be in your estate within days of it being updated