Automated testing against Windows 10 Insider desktop builds

Remember: you’re not just migrating to Windows 10, you’re also migrating to Windows-as-a-Service.
Which means that application compatibility management – the activities needed to make sure applications continue to install and function when the underlying OS has been changed – is no longer a one-off activity to support a migration. It’s now a critical, ongoing, continuous IT activity.
Which is why we’ve partnered with Microsoft to create Apptimized Maintain – the only cloud-based application compatibility testing service using Windows 10 desktop Insider builds.
We take the desktop version of each Insider build of the next Windows 10 Update, implement it into our MS Azure based testing infrastructure, configure it to suit your environment, then automatically test your applications using Apptimized Echo.
We’ll then let you know if rolling out the Update is going to compromise any applications so you can take any action needed in plenty of time to avoid your enterprise delaying the rollout of the Update . . . keeping you secure and compliant as well as leveraging the feature improvements that come with each Windows 10 Release.
All for a single low monthly per application fee and with no need for you to invest in hardware, software or resources.
Contact us for more information.
With Apptimized Maintain, you get:
  • The only automated testing cloud-based service leveraging Windows 10 desktop Insider builds
  • Rapid early warning of where an application is going to be impacted by a Windows Update