Coming Soon…the industry’s first combined application migration and maintenance subscription service

Apptimized Maintain Plus is a combination of our unique cloud-based packaging service with our Maintain Windows Update maintenance service.
Among the biggest challenges facing enterprises moving to Windows 10 is application compatibility – maintaining their estate against the new Windows Update (Windows-as-a-Service) model.
Every six months Microsoft release Windows Updates, and each one stays in support for just 18 months with the consequence that at least every 18 months enterprises will need to make sure that their applications will function on top if an underlying Operating System change.
To help enterprises meet this challenge without increasing their costs, Apptimized is creating Maintain Plus.
Apptimized Maintain Plus is a combination of the Apptimized Packaging Service and the Apptimized Maintain service, creating a one-stop service for migration and maintenance.
Maintain Plus will package applications for Windows 10, and then carry out the continual monitoring and testing required to make sure enterprises can roll out Windows Updates without risking application failure.
All for a low monthly subscription.
How will it work? We package your applications for Windows 10, during the packaging process our unique Apptimized Echo technology records all the information needed to understand your application’s behaviour so that it can be automatically retested – to your requirements – every time Microsoft update the Windows Operating System.
If an application fails, you’ll get the information you need to remediate. If the resolution is to repackage, Apptimized will repackage as part of the service. And because of our close relationship with Microsoft, we get early insight into the changes being made to Windows so we’ll be able to give you the earliest possible warning. If you have no issues, you can roll out the latest Windows update with complete confidence.
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With Apptimized Maintain Plus, you get:
  • Everything you need to migrate your applications to Windows 10, and stay compatible with the Windows Update model.
  • A fully configured, cloud-based service – no need for hardware or software – for a low monthly subscription.