About Us

Our history

Apptimized is the industry-leading provider of application packaging services. We’ve supported hundreds of customers across all sectors since our inception in Potsdam, Germany, in 2003.

Apptimized is part of the Revacom Group. Revacom is still headquartered where it was founded in Potsdam, Germany. The Revacom Group now has operations in Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Vietnam, the Ukraine and the US.

From the outset we’ve had a clear vision – to become the global leader in application packaging.

Our strategy is to simplify the traditionally complex and resource-intensive application packaging process through the pioneering use of leading-edge technologies and the continuing industrialization of processes.

By doing this we believe we will remove the cost barrier to packaging that exists today, removing the cyclical cost spikes associated with desktop migration programs while delivering what we call ‘continuous deployment’, or ‘evergreen IT’, to enhance security and improve application compliance.

We’ve taken hundreds of thousands of man-years of experience gained delivering world class application packaging services to create what is now Apptimized.

And with an average throughput of many thousands of application packages a year, we have scale that is simply unmatched by anyone else offering pay-as- you-go on demand packaging services.

Apptimized is a unique combination of specialist knowledge, industry leading experience, global reach and innovation.