Why Us

Cloud services are here to stay

Apptimized is the industry’s first and only fully cloud-based application packaging solution.

Apptimized has everything needed to order, create, edit, remediate, update and manage packaged applications without the need for any additional hardware or software.

Whether you’re en enterprise looking for a risk free, high quality, cost-effective application packaging service, a packaging professional needing a scalable low cost alternative to the traditional thick-client packaging tools, or an IT supplier looking to add application packaging to your service portfolio, Apptimized provides everything needed…in the cloud.

Apptimized is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform and offered on a pure SAAS basis with no charges for configuration, set-up, hardware or software.

You only pay for what’s used, when it’s used with no minimum commitment or throughput.

  • No hardware or software needed
  • Unlimited storage included
  • Access anytime anywhere
  • Industry leading SLAs