Why Us

Apptimized meets all packaging needs

Whether you’re an enterprise looking for a zero risk packaging service, a packaging professional looking for a low cost alternative to the traditional packaging tools, or a supplier looking to offer a white-labelled application packaging service, look no further.

Apptimized can also be configured to offer a combination of Factory and Self Service – giving you a scalable backup in the event that your needs outstrip your capacity.

Apptimized supports the following:


– Microsoft® Windows® (desktop and server, all versions)
– Apple® Mac OS® (all versions)
– Linux (all distributions and version)


– App-V (any version)
– VMWare Thin
– .deb
– .rpm
App and AppVolumes
– Unattended Setup
– Matrix42 Physical (former Empirum)
– HEAT DSM Netinstall
– .pkg

  • Factory service or Self Service
  • All platforms and formats supported
  • White-labelling available
  • No need for hardware or software
  • PAYG, no maintenance fees