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About Apptimized

What is Apptimized?
Apptimized is offered either as:
What do I need for using Apptimized?
How much does Apptimized cost?
How do I buy Apptimized?
How does Apptimized work?
Is Apptimized secure?
Is Apptimized configurable?
Why should I be interested in Apptimized?
How can Apptimized help me stay secure and compliant?
Do Apptimized have standard SLA’s?
Does Apptimized have a reporting capability?
How do I start using Apptimized?
What kind of virtual machines does Apptimized provide?

The Company

Who is Apptimized?
How do I get in touch with Apptimized?
Can I come and work for Apptimized?

Packaging Self Service

What is Packaging Self Service?
How does Apptimized package software?
Do I need additional software in order to package?
How does Apptimized Self-Service Packaging compare to other solutions?
Can I apply my company’s standards to the packages?

Packaging Factory

How can I benefit from AppPackaging Factory?
How do you bill the services provided?
Does Apptimized require a minimum turnover of Packaging Requests?
Can I use Apptimized for peaks in capacity utilization?
How will I be informed about the progress of a project?
Can Apptimized assist in the creation of installation instructions and the provision of installation sources?
What happens if I am not satisfied with the service / the results?
Which methods are applied for quality assurance?
Can I map my entire software packaging process on Apptimized?
In which countries is Apptimized available?
Where is the factory located?
Where is the packaging data stored?
Which platforms and technologies does Apptimized support?
Which SLA applies for the packaging factory service?