About Us

Who we are

Apptimized is an industry-leading provider of application packaging services.

Headquartered in Potsdam, Germany, where we were founded as Revacom in 2003, we’ve delivered packaging services to hundreds of the world’s largest businesses.

Apptimized is part of the Revacom Group of companies having been launched in 2016 to leverage our investment in the world’s first fully cloud-based application packaging solution.

We have operations in Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Vietnam, the Ukraine and the US.

From the outset we’ve had a clear goal – to become the global leader in application packaging.

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Our history

Founded as Revacom in 2003 by Andreas Sternberg, Mathias Baumann, and Christian Berner, Apptimized has an unrivalled reputation for providing world class application packaging services to customers of all sizes. Revacom became Apptimized in October 2016 to leverage the significant investments made in our unique cloud-based packaging solution.

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Management team

We may have the industry’s most advanced technology, but the key reason why we’ve been able to stay at the forefront of a highly competitive industry is our people.

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Henry Jonas
Mathias Baumann
Michael Schickaneder
Simon May


Apptimized is still headquartered where it was founded in Potsdam, Germany, but now also has operations in the UK, US, Switzerland, Vietnam and the Ukraine.

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Since our inception in 2003, Apptimized have supported hundreds of global customers across all sectors. Below are a sample of the companies who have benefited from our expertise.

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