The world’s most commonly requested applications…packaged

Apptimized Catalogue gives unlimited instant access to packaged versions of the latest releases of the world’s most commonly packaged applications, for a single per user monthly subscription.
Simply log in to your portfolio, select the applications that are relevant to you from a pre-populated list, and we’ll notify you when any of them have been repackaged to the latest version.
We’ll make the updated package available within 24 hours of the vendor releasing an update, upgrade or patch, and you’ll still have access to historical versions if need be.
All applications are packaged to our high quality packaging standards and can be deployed as often as you need.
Current list of applications available in the Apptimized Catalogue
Apptimized Catalogue Package Specifications
With an Apptimized Catalogue subscription you get:
  • Instant access to pre-packaged updated versions of the industry’s most requested applications
  • Notification when a new package is available so you no longer have to monitor and repackage