Migrate to Windows 10 and Windows-as-a-Service

    • Migrate to Windows 10 and manage ongoing Windows-as-a-Service updates with a single service
    • All applications covered – COTS, legacy, in-house, web
    • Peace of mind for a low annual fixed charge per application
    • Close relationship with Microsoft will give early warning of any issues

Getting to Windows 10 is one thing. Staying there is another.

While the Windows-as-a-Service update model means that the migration to Windows 10 will be the last mass Operating System upgrade, it doesn’t mean the end of application compatibility (or ‘App-Compat’).

Far from it. Windows-as-a-Service means that enterprises will need to make sure that their application estate is constantly in synch with the six monthly release updates that will be coming down the road from Microsoft.

Each update will be supported for 18 months so at any one point in time, enterprises will have up to three releases to manage in their estate.

Image courtesy Microsoft.

That’s three Windows 10 builds that enterprises will need to make sure that applications will deploy, install, function and uninstall against as needed.

App-Compat is no longer a one-off effort needed every four to five years to support a Windows migration.

It’s an ongoing activity, and one that many enterprises are finding so onerous and potentially expensive, it’s holding up their move to Windows 10.

Enter App-Compat-as-a-Service.

Apptimized have teamed up with application testing gurus Testhouse to create App-Compat-as-a-Service.

For a low annual fixed fee per application, App-Compat-as-a-Service will prepare all your applications for Windows 10 and then manage them, making sure that they stay synchronised with whatever Microsoft releases.

Our close relationship with Microsoft means that we will be able to complete any and all testing, remediation and repackaging well in advance of when an application might be effected by a Windows 10 release, giving you early notification of any issues, and peace of mind that whatever you want to deploy to whatever release, will work.

App-Compat-As-Service is fast to implement, scalable, and charged on a fixed cost per application basis.

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