Coming Soon…Continual application compatibility testing for enterprises to support Windows Updates

Saying hello to Windows 10 means saying goodbye to painful and expensive mass Operating Systems migration programs.
And while application compatibility may not be the challenge to migration it has been, Windows 10 also means saying hello to the new Windows Update model (Windows-as-a-Service) – once you’ve migrated you are committed to rolling out a major feature update every 6 to 12 months.
Application compatibility is no longer a one-off exercise, but a continual business critical IT activity.
Leveraging our close partnership with Microsoft, Apptimized Maintain is being developed to offer enterprises peace of mind that they can maintain application compatibility and roll out Windows updates without the risk of business disruption.
For a low monthly subscription, Apptimized Maintain will take your entire packaged applications estate and continually test it against every Windows release and update in an environment configured to meet your specifications.
If an application needs work, you’ll get an early warning in plenty of time to remediate or mitigate before you have to put the Windows release or update into your environment.
Now you can migrate to Windows 10 without worrying about the extra overhead needed to support the Windows Updates.
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With Apptimized Maintain, you get:
  • A fully configured service, in the cloud, giving you confidence that you can keep your Windows environment up-to-date without the need to stand up additional hardware, software or resource
  • Access to 15 years specialist experience working with enterprises to keep their applications estate current and compliant