Unlimited access to the world’s most commonly packaged applications…already packaged to the latest version

Apptimized Catalogue offers unlimited instant access to packaged versions of the latest versions of the world’s most commonly packaged applications, for a low monthly subscription fee.
No longer pay each time an application on the list needs to be repackaged, simply log-in to your account and download the latest version from your portfolio.
We’ll email you when an application in your portfolio has been repackaged and you can download as many as you need, as often as you need. And you can personalise your portfolio so that you only get contacted about applications which matter to you.
Apptimized Catalogue includes applications such as Acrobat Reader, Shockwave, 7Zip, Java, Mozilla Firefox, Filezilla, Google Chrome, Visual C++, as well as a host of others.
Contact us using the form below to receive the list of applications currently included in the service.
With Apptimized Catalogue, you get:
  • The ability to download as many pre-packaged applications as you need, when you need them
  • Notification when a new package is available so you no longer have to monitor and repackage